A Medical Clinic That

Supports Change &
Overall Health

Helping Albertans & Their Families

Our Clinics

At ACT Medical Centres, we provide support for change while helping with the health & well-being of Alberta families. Our medical clinics are located in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie & Lethbridge. We have a team of physicians & health professionals that provide aid for families, addiction, and medical treatment. Our clinics provide a safe and caring atmosphere to help our clients get the treatment and care they need.
We Are Here To

Provide Support For Change


Family Practice

ACT Medical Centres are committed to providing a safe “medical home” for all of the clients that come into our clinics. We offer comprehensive care for adults and children, our team-based approach utilizes the expertise of medical physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists & practitioners all cohesively working together to provide the best for our clients.

Opioid & Addiction Treatment

At ACT Medical Centres we provide opioid addiction treatment and counseling.  Our clinics provide qualified physicians that prescribe an opioid medication that helps ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with the addiction. We use evidence-based medications: methadone and suboxone to treat our clients and aid them on their way to recovery. Our clinics provide a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere and our team of medical professionals are trained in helping individuals with their addictions.

We Are Here To

Provide Support For Change

Our Comprehensive Team

Take Care of You

ACT Medical Centres provides a well trained and specialized team of Therapists & Physicians. Our team of medical specialists work in collaboration to ensure each patient is receiving the consistent care they require to support their recovery.