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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for treatment at ACT Medical?

No, if you have valid health care within Canada there is no fee for service. If you do not have a healthcare card please reach out to us, we can help you get a health care card. ACT Medical does not charge any “counselling fee” or any other additional fees for service that may be charged at other clinics.

Can You Treat Other Addictions?

Yes, we can treat other addictions, come in and see a physician

If I’m Pregnant Can I Begin The Program?

Absolutely yes! If you are carrying a child it is advised that you seek treatment as quickly as possible. Opiate use and withdrawals can be dangerous for your baby. Methadone helps to suppress these feelings and is a safe choice to manage your opiate dependency while you are pregnant.

Can I Take Other Medications As Well?

Mixing your methadone or suboxone with other forms of mood altering drugs, alcohol, opiates, barbiturates or other forms of substances can have serious and even fatal consequences. Make sure you consult with your physician prior to taking any medications

Can I Switch My Medications?

With consultation and permission from your physician, you can change between suboxone & methadone. Changing between these medications can lead to additional withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone vs. Suboxone. Which Is Better?

These medications are both ideal for clients with varying circumstances. Your social circumstances, medical and treatment history and even your potential preference can dictate which medication form is the most effective. Your physician consultation will help to discover the ideal form of treatment for your specific needs.

Can I Travel On The Program?

There are numerous clinics available around Alberta and potentially an affiliate clinic available wherever you are traveling. Make sure to provide travel notice to our staff serval days before your departure, so that we are able to make the necessary arrangements.

If I Still Use Opiates After Entering The Program Will I Be Kicked Out?

No, you will never be turned away from the program. At ACT medical, we believe in the Harm Reduction approach to therapy so we do not ask clients to leave the program.

When Can I Start Receiving “Carries”?

Take home doses of your treatment are often referred to as “carries”. There is no set time frame for receiving carries. Your physician can begin to allow you to utilize carries once stability is achieved. Carries can be administered from one take-home dose per four weeks, up to six take-home doses per week.

Do I Come To The Clinic Everyday?

Yes, it is recommended that you visit the clinics on a daily basis to receive your medication. After some time, you can begin to receive “carries”, or take home doses so that you no longer need daily clinic visits. Our medical professional staff is also available at the clinics to help with any of your program questions or concerns.

How Long Will I Need The Program?

There is no right answer to this question. Every client’s journey towards recovery and relief is different. Some clients stay on the program for several years, while others are lifelong patients. To display legitimate stabilization, clients are recommended to remain in the program for at leats 12 months. Aspects of personal growth (employment, increase financial stability and less legal issues) should also be considered.  Before considering your treatment consult a physician. A physician can help clients understand the safest and most effective way to begin the treatment while promoting the least likelihood of withdrawal.

Will Child & Family Services Be Informed That I Am On The Program?

Children & Family Services are only contacted if we are to believe that a child under the age of 16 is in harms way. This is simply our professional duty and ACT Medical will never immediately or automatically inform them when you sign-up for treatment.

How Confidential Is The Program?

All ACT Medical services and client information is kept completely confidential. Clients will never have to worry about their families, employers or other third-party becoming aware that they are receiving these treatments. ACT Medical will never release this information unless we are court ordered or have received evidence from the authorities showcasing that releasing this information will prevent some form of personal or external harm. All of these instances will be completely discussed during your initial consultation.

How Do I Pay For The Program?

As long as you provide a valid Alberta Health Care Card, your clinic sessions will be completely covered. Some special forms and letter submission that are not covered can require your direct payment.

When Will I Receive My First Treatment Dose?

Many clients are able to start receiving doses the same day that they first meet with their physician. The physicians approval could be postponed a few days. This is done to ensure that we are only starting you on doses when it is completely safe.

When Can I Begin Treatment After I Sign-Up

This varies between clinics though every effort is made to ensure that it is as soon as resources allow.

What Is Involved In The Sign-Up Process?

The initial sign-up process should take about 45 minutes to an hour.  You have an initial assessment with one of our qualified staff. Following the initial assessment, you will need to undergo some blood work and an ECG, as well as provide a urine sample.

What Do I Need To Bring To Sign Up?

We want to make you sign up process as efficient as possible. All you will need to bring a valid health care card and a form of photo ID for your initial sign-up process.

How And Where Do I Get Started?

You can begin our program by contacting the clinic that is closest to you. Each of the clinic available and their respective hours of operation is listed on our website. If you feel more comfortable, you can also drop into one of the clinics and provide your Alberta Health Care Card to receive the next available appointment. After your initial communication and consultation, you will be provided an appointment time with your physician.

Do I Need To Be Referred For The Program?

You do not require a referral to begin our program. That being said, we do accept referral clients.

Is This Program Voluntary?

Yes! Our program is offered completely on a voluntary basis.